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Accreditation VS en Role Playing & Demonstrations


Psyflix is now accredited for Nursing Specialists AND all role plays and demonstrations from the masterclasses are now in a separate category on Psyflix.

Accreditation of Nursing Specialists:
We have received a lot of questions about it and we are therefore incredibly happy that from today all nurse specialists can also obtain accreditation points for V&VN VS on Psyflix.

Role plays & demonstrations:
From now on you can watch 36 role plays and demonstrations from the master classes on Psyflix. So if you would like to hone your technique in Schema Therapy & The Healthy Adult, EMDR, Narrative Exposure Therapy, Schema Therapy for Borderline Patients, Affect Phobia Therapy, System Therapy, Suicide Prevention and much more: check out the new Category ‘Role Playing and Demonstrations’!

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