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Psyflix wint de Runner Up Award tijdens de VU Hackathon Battle voor IT4Anxiety!

Psyflix wint Runner Up Award bij de VU Hackathon Battle!

Psyflix won afgelopen vrijdag na een spannende race de Runner Up Award in een Pitch wedstrijd voor IT4Anxiety tijdens de Hackathon, georganiseerd door de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

De jury: “Het idee achter Psyflix is zo logisch, dat je je afvraagt waarom het niet eerder bestond.” 

‘Praktisch idealisme’, zo zouden wij de pitches van onze collega’s het best kunnen omschrijven. Wij zijn er van overtuigd dat deze ideeën zullen bijdragen aan concrete oplossingen voor patiënten met angstklachten. 

Wij willen onze collega’s van Psylaris nogmaals hartelijk feliciteren met het winnen van de award.
Tevens veel dank aan Jesse van Doren, David Beckett, Heleen Riper en de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam voor de organisatie en inspiratie.

Psyflix now CRKBO certified!



Even though the weekend has just ended, today we opened a bottle of bubbles: Psyflix is recognized by the CRKBO! We can therefore call ourselves a certified training institute from now on. This is a big step for Psyflix as it officially recognizes and underscores what we do with passion.

Celebrate with us, treat yourself to Psyflix and enjoy more than 70 top videos about psychotherapy, full of the latest scientific knowledge, best practice examples and role plays from the leading (international) speakers.

Psyflix Curriculum Commission

On February 23, the Curriculum Committee Psyflix will meet:

With representatives (including Prof. Dr. Theo Bouman, Prof. Dr. Marrie Bekker and Prof. Dr. Claudi Bockting) from PPO Training Institute, RINO Amsterdam, RINO Group, RINO South and CCD. They will make Psyflix an integral part of psychologist training and potentially replace parts of lessons. In terms of content, they will help determine what the content of Psyflix will be.

Accreditation VS en Role Playing & Demonstrations


Psyflix is now accredited for Nursing Specialists AND all role plays and demonstrations from the masterclasses are now in a separate category on Psyflix.

Accreditation of Nursing Specialists:
We have received a lot of questions about it and we are therefore incredibly happy that from today all nurse specialists can also obtain accreditation points for V&VN VS on Psyflix.

Role plays & demonstrations:
From now on you can watch 36 role plays and demonstrations from the master classes on Psyflix. So if you would like to hone your technique in Schema Therapy & The Healthy Adult, EMDR, Narrative Exposure Therapy, Schema Therapy for Borderline Patients, Affect Phobia Therapy, System Therapy, Suicide Prevention and much more: check out the new Category ‘Role Playing and Demonstrations’!

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