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The videos can be played in the player at a maximum quality of 1080p.

The webinars are of high quality in terms of content due to frequent preliminary discussions in which we propagate and maintain our quality standard. Most webinars within our current range were recorded per Zoom from the living room. Many of the upcoming series will be recorded in the studio.

Would you like to take a look in advance? Then take advantage of our free trial subscription!

The topics are very diverse: trauma therapy, system therapy, therapy for personality problems, psychiatric complaints, cognitive behavioral therapy, autism, eating disorders and much more.

Currently there are 36 videos on PsyFlix. In 2021, approximately 40 webinars and 8 series will be added.

Webinars last an average of one hour to 75 minutes.

Apart from the webinars available in the trial subscription, it is not possible to purchase single webinars. We only offer an annual subscription.


Yes we do have a student discount. To make use of this you must be able to submit an enrollment at a college or university. Send us an email for this at info@psyflix.net

We offer a free trial subscription in which you can watch a limited offer consisting of two of our webinars for 24 hours.

The subscription is always linked to 1 person, but we do offer group discounts for practices. You can get a group discount starting from 5 people. Organizations can submit a request for a customized quote via info@psyflix.net. We will use the proceeds from the webinars to create new webinar content. 

When logging in you can click on: I forgot my password. You will then receive a new password.

You can also go directly to the page to change your password via the following link: psyflix.net/forgot_password


The accreditation has been requested for clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and NIP. 

The accreditation is available from 1 November. The accreditation is requested for you after completing a questionnaire. 


The subscription can be canceled per year. You can cancel it by sending an email to info@psyflix.net

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